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Hydrocolloids and Gums

Undoubtedly one of the most important characteristic of food and beverage is their texture or mouthfeel.  Hydrocolloids are used to create texture, build viscosity, form gels and act as a stabilizer in food and beverage systems. Link can offer a wide range of products including:
• Xanthan Gum
• Pectins
• Alginate
• Carrageenan
• Guar
• Cellulose
Applications include:
• Thickening: Sauces, Syrups, Soups, Cake Batters and pie fillings
• Gel Formations: Milk based Desserts, Jellies, Bakery Gels, Pet Foods, 
Confectionery and jams
• Stabilizers: Mayonnaise and Salad Dressings, Ice Creams,  Fruit Pulp in cordials and fruit drinks, Foaming in Beer and Wine.
• Flocculation: Fining of Beer and Wine
• Films: Sausage Casings