Our Products


Sweeteners are divided into two main groups: Bulk sweeteners with a relative sweetness lower or slightly higher than sucrose (Sugar) and High intensity sweeteners with a relative sweetness considerably higher than sucrose. Link Trading offers a range of low and high intensity sweeteners including:
• Powdered Fructose
• Maize Based glucose Syrups
• Powdered Dextrose Monohydrate
• Powdered Maltodextrin and Spray Dried Glucose Syrup
Link Trading can also offer Polyols and High Intensity Sweeteners including:
• Xylitol
• Erythritol
• Xylitol
• Stevia
• Sucralose
Applications in use for Link’s sweeteners range include:
• Bakery
• Beverages
• Confectionery
• Dairy
• Frozen Desserts 
• Brewing
• Sauces, Jams and spreads