Our Products

Syrups and Purees

Link Trading can offer a range of Natural and Organic syrups and purees for use in a multitude of applications including:
• Bakery
• Dairy and Non Dairy
• Beverages
• Desserts
• Sport Bars
• Cereals
The range consists of Rice, Oat, Date, Fig and Prune syrups, concentrates and purees.
Link Trading can also offer a wide range of speciality syrups designed for, but not limited to, the Ice Cream, dairy dessert and Fruit Preparation industries. Products include:
• Caramel, Toffee, Butterscotch  and Chocolate syrups
• Coconut Crème Base
• Cheesecake Base
• Fruit Based syrups:
o Strawberry
o Raspberry
o Boysenberry
o Lime
o Lemon
o Mango
o Vanilla
Taylor-made syrups can also be discussed.